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M6toll funds lifesaving First Aid Kits to Local Charity

January 25, 2021
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Midland Expressway Ltd (operators of the M6toll) have supported local charity, DocBike Staffordshire with a donation of £1500 through their Drive for Charity In the Community scheme.

The DocBike charity combines a highly qualified (consultant level) doctor or critical care paramedic with two wheels with the aim of reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads due to motorcycle collisions. Wherever possible, this doctor or paramedic also works on the local air ambulance. It is part of their every-day job, to treat and save the most severely injured and sick patients and help them to reach hospital alive.

Working together with emergency services all across the UK, it is the aim of the charity to have a DocBike associated with every air ambulance charity around the country. They are a new charity, but the enthusiasm of local bikers, colleagues in the Emergency Services and other agencies throughout the UK means that they are expanding rapidly.

As part of their life saving work, they have set up a course in Staffordshire called Biker Down, this is presented in 3 modules by emergency service staffwhich comprisesmanaging the scene of an incident, how to keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives and how to avoid being knocked of your bike. Biker Down is a FREE course which attracts many motorcyclists and they are all very eager to learn how to keep themselves and fellow bikers safe. The donation from the M6toll will allow DocBike to provide a first aid kit to motorcyclists  that is small enough to fit on a motorcycle but capable of helping to save a life.

DocBike Staffordshire is led by Carol Close, who after the loss of her own son Luke in a motorcycle crash in August 2019 decided she wanted something positive to come from her tragedy.. After lots of hard work and dedication DocBike Staffordshire now have a motorcycle donated by Staffordshire Police, a doctor and a medic and a fabulous support team who give their time voluntarily. They are determined to save lives through, engagement, education and roadside critical care.  Carol said; “2021 will see DocBike Staffordshire #LukesLegacy educating motorcyclists through a Biker Down course. Thanks to the M6toll for funding first aid kits that will assist in saving lives until emergency services arrive. With the knowledge gained from the course  together with the tools provided by the first aid kits we can make a difference.”

Jo Brett, MEL Social Committee Member said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Biker Down course with First Aid Kits for motorcyclists. Road Safety is extremely important to us as an organisation so we were very keen to support this initiative with DocBikes which could potentially help to save lives.”

MEL’s donation forms part of a wider initiative to support local schools and community projects. MEL’s Social Committee is always on the lookout for local charities and community projects to support. To register your charity or community project with MEL for consideration to receive fundraising or practical (volunteering) support now or in the future visit Drive for Charity. 

For further information on DocBike Staffordshire, please visit: Staffordshire – DocBike

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