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How Troop Aid sent an M6toll donation all around the world

May 7, 2019
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Since we opened in 2003, M6toll’s Drive For Charity initiative has given away more than £1million to good causes. Now we are calling on charities and local people to help us distribute the cash. The scheme will see £20,000 given to one ‘charity of the year’, and dozens of smaller awards and support for community projects.

In 2014/15, one of our partners was Solihull-based Troop Aid – a small charity which operates globally, ensuring British servicemen and women receive grab bags containing necessities when they arrive at hospitals and medical centres, no matter where they’re serving. We’re proud to have been able to provide £10,000 to supply these packages for injured troops at home and abroad.

We caught up with Pam Sutton, who works tirelessly to secure funding to provide even more of these essential packs.

“The contribution from the M6toll was invaluable. We’re proud to say that all the funds we receive go exactly where you expect – into packing bags for the troops. We were able to send these supplies to 400 people who were injured in service, so when they arrive into care they have toiletries, clothes and the basics to get by.”

Since the initial donation, we have continued to support Troop Aid wherever we can.

“The support we’ve received has been immensely beneficial. The team have been supplied with TAGs, which means we can send more deliveries out, and be more time-efficient as an organisation. All the money saved using the TAGs has helped us to provide even more bags for the troops.

“We’ve also been invited to attend open days at Roadchef Norton Canes services, where we can hand out information to the visitors and raise awareness of Troop Aid. It is such an effective way of spreading the word and getting fundraisers on board.”

We continue to support local charities and community projects. Our Social Committee provided the team at Troop Aid with further funding last year in support of a new project enabling them to provide emergency grab bags to a Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship.

The application process to become our Charity Partner for 2019/20 is now open. The winner will receive funding in the sum of £20,000 with the runner up receiving £8,000. Further information and an application form to become our Drive For Charity partner is available on our Drive for Charity page.

To have a closer look at all the great work Troop Aid does, or to see how you could help them, visit

Discover More of our Drive for Charity Work Here.

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