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Local Motorists needed to shape M6toll’s game changing product

October 11, 2021
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Motorists from Lichfield, Shenstone, Tamworth and the surrounding areas could be amongst the first to get their hands on a new limited release product allowing them to use the M6toll for as little as £2.90 per journey using new ANPR technology.

Fresh from a successful Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) trial for HGV fleet customers, the M6toll is launching the first wave of its consumer version of the system, allowing FlexiPass holders the ability to chalk up discounted local journeys for £2.90 a trip.

The trial, which is part of the M6toll’s ‘Road Ahead’ transformation programme, benefits drivers by automatically recognising their number plate and providing discounted rates for 10 pre-paid trips between T4 T5, and T6 junctions around Lichfield, Burntwood, Shenstone and Tamworth. All payments are managed virtually in an online account, so there’s no need to stop to pay at the plazas.

Initially the offer will be available to just 200 local motorists as the M6toll seeks their feedback, followed by a staged roll-out expected to start at the beginning of 2022.

M6toll Commercial Director Julie Davies is delighted that the new technology is allowing local drivers to get even greater benefit from the road.

She said: “It has been a long-term ambition to provide more efficient and better value options for local drivers, and ANPR-enabled accounts like FlexiPass are game changing on that front. Once signed up drivers can easily hop on and off the M6toll whenever the need arises, saving around 15mins even on really short local trips compared to taking the A5 or A38 for example.

“The ‘Road Ahead’ programme is transforming our tolling systems, but we need customer feedback to put the new system through its paces to make sure we get it right. We’re committed to becoming one of the most advanced toll roads internationally, and this new trial is another great step forward.

“The ANPR trial will be the most convenient way ever to use the M6toll, with no payment at the barriers, just sign-up and drive-up. We’ve got just 200 places on the trial, so those interested are encouraged to get in touch and secure their place!”

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