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M6toll celebrates 20 years with £20 million investment

December 8, 2023
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A £20 million package of improvements will mark the 20th Anniversary of M6toll, as it celebrates two decades of keeping traffic moving through the Midlands. The technology upgrade will make it quicker to get through the toll lanes, easier to manage online accounts, and cheaper for thousands of local users.

Since opening in 2003, the M6toll has been a driving force in reducing congestion and pollution in the Midlands, attracting up to 65,000 vehicles from the M6 and regional road network on weekdays. Over 300 million customers have used the road over the past 20 years.

M6toll is known for its freeflowing traffic, and much of the upgrade is focused on improving the driving experience, ensuring that traffic continues to flow through the toll lanes, even at peak times. An enhanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, new contactless readers that accept smartphone payments and behind-the-scenes improvements to customer account management will combine to keep things moving, even on the busiest days. The ANPR system will also enable more sophisticated pricing to be introduced during the year, particularly benefiting those people who don’t travel the whole length of the route.

Michael Whelan, General Manager of the M6toll, said: “Thank you to our customers, partners, and dedicated team members who have played pivotal roles in our journey over the past 20 years.

“As a commercial organisation, we receive no subsidy from the government, so all investment comes direct from the private sector, whilst toll income is used to maintain and operate the road to a world-class level.”

In conjunction with their 20th-anniversary celebration and the £20 million investment, M6toll has also unveiled a refreshed new brand identity, following its integration into the Aleatica portfolio. Aleatica is a smart, safe and sustainable mobility company dedicated to operating transportation infrastructure, with a footprint throughout Latin America and Europe. Fully owned by IFM Investors, the company oversees more than 360 million vehicles on its 1,100 km of infrastructure annually.

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