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M6toll is staycationers’ route of choice as traffic volumes hit record levels

September 6, 2022
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Staycationers and leisure trippers using the M6toll for their holiday getaway in August have driven traffic volumes to record levels for the year.


During August, the M6toll recorded its busiest week of the year so far with nearly 400,000 customers using the M6toll from August 12 to August 19 and in doing so helping to both reduce traffic and improve local air quality by easing congestion on local routes. For those staycationers and day trippers choosing the M6toll it meant more hours enjoying the sun and less hours on the road.

M6toll is now gearing up to keep drivers moving for the next UK traffic milestone event – the return to work and school in the first week of September. By providing customers with a seamless, hassle-free route, which directly connects the North and South, the M6toll is becoming the staycationers route of choice, giving drivers more options to travel around the UK or quickly access Birmingham Airport if they’re travelling further away.


Additionally, 44% of drivers consider M6toll to be a safer road to travel on, with the road supported by a dedicated Operations Team directly responsible for its maintenance, a network of 24/7 CCTV cameras along the route and other measures in place that help to make the M6toll among the safest UK motorways. The M6toll also has dedicated safety patrols that operate 24/7 to help those who have broken down or experiencing difficulties, with the Incident Support Units on hand to ensure incidents can be reached as quickly as possible.

With safety being a top priority for M6toll, drivers are being reminded that it’s necessary to take a break while taking long journeys, especially when fatigue sets in. With Norton Canes service station, operated by Roadchef and double award winner for the ‘Best Service Station in the UK’, accessible between junction T6 and T7, there is the perfect opportunity for families to take a break, stretch their legs, and let the dog take a stroll.

There are also fantastic partnership promotions on such as the Roadchef Captain’s Club coach drivers’ loyalty scheme, which gives coach drivers the opportunity to earn loyalty points on purchases when stopping off with passengers. For more details visit


Michael Whelan, General Manager at Midland Expressway Ltd, commented: “Following our busiest days so far this year, we are expecting M6toll to continue being the route of choice for many motorists.

“When it comes to staycations or day trips in the UK, the M6toll is a key route which takes thousands of cars, caravans and motorhomes off the local alternatives, helping to alleviate congestion when the road network is at its busiest.

“As more of our customers experience the benefits of using M6toll, we are focused on transforming our service to make it one of the most customer orientated motorways in the UK. We are gradually rolling out our ‘RoadAhead’ programme to enhance our service to deliver even more efficiencies for drivers. The initiative is focused on delivering a strategic vision to make the M6toll deliver hugely beneficial transport outcomes for the operator and customers alike.”


For more information about M6toll, visit

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