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Radio singalong tops the charts as commuters return to work

May 13, 2021
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Workers are returning to their daily commute and celebrating with some in-car karaoke, according to new research from the M6toll.

In a 1,000 strong poll conducted at the end of the latest lockdown, the M6toll, owned and operated by Midland Expressway Ltd, found that 38% are already back behind the wheel and commuting.

On the drive in to work, singing along to the radio is proving to be the biggest hit with over 40% citing this as their favourite thing to do.

When it comes to best sing-along driving song, Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat out of Hell’ is Top of the Pops occupying the number one spot with wannabe rockstars of the road.

For favourite DJ and radio station, it seems two’s company with Ken Bruce and his home station BBC Radio 2 ruling the airwaves on the journey into the office.

Just as popular as radio singalongs are podcasts, with more than one in three saying they enjoy the chance to catch up with their favourite audio experience.

And it’s back of the net for That Peter Crouch as he proves his Premier League class to take the title of most popular podcast.

Alongside listening to the radio and podcasts, having some peaceful time to think and being able to separate work life from home life are long-missed commuter activities, with over a third of those surveyed valuing the opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance.

Whilst on the whole most workers are enjoying their commute, there are some concerns, with 74% citing congestion as the thing they dread most about the return to the roads.

A further third are least looking forward to petrol costs, while a similar number are apprehensive about aggressive drivers turning their commute into the highway from hell during rush hour.

Julie Davies, Commercial Director at Midland Expressway Ltd said: “Our latest driver survey has lifted the lid on what drivers really think about commuting.  We’ve had some fun with the facts and stats, but on a more serious note it’s fascinating to see drivers positively looking forward to commuting once again.

“The survey has given us a chance to see what impact the pandemic and the release of Lockdown 3 is having on the return of the daily commute, and it seems for many the mix of days to be spent in the office versus working from home still remains unclear.  But the survey also revealed commuting has some very real benefits, such as helping people to gear up for the day ahead, or having some precious time to decompress on the drive home.

“However, it’s also clear no-one is welcoming the prospect of wasting time in slow moving traffic or getting stuck in jams.  The M6toll has always been the most free-flowing, predictable and stress-free route, and we’re already seeing growing interest in our regular passes, such as FlexiPass which cuts the price of a short local trip to £2.90.”

A key part of M6toll’s focus on the driver experience is the ‘Road Ahead’ investment strategy, developed to support its commitment to reducing congestion and increasing national connectivity.  The first phase of the multi-million pound ‘Road Ahead’ scheme is a new ANPR system, which in April saw Maritime trucks being the first fleet to trial the technology.

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