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15 faces of the M6toll – Hugo Fitzgerald, commuter

May 1, 2019
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A long distance commute, doesn’t need to take a long time

Dreaming of setting your alarm clock a little later, or getting home that bit earlier to put the kids to bed, walk the dog or simply have some ‘you time’?

Whether you’re on the way to an important meeting or travelling home after a long day at the office, rush hour in the Midlands can be stressful and time consuming – so we’ve done our bit to make it easier for you.

The M6toll could save you around 25 minutes each way at peak travel times. And it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the TAG – a nifty, pre-paid electronic device – we’re helping you save money, too.

Sound too good to be true?

With a TAG, you can cruise through a dedicated lane at the toll plaza, so you never have to stop to pay. You’ll also get access to an online account where you can track your journeys and print statements, saving you time on expenses, too. You’ll also start saving money with from your first journey with a 5% discount on every trip.

Take a look at our chat with TAG user, Hugo, to hear about the impact it’s had on his long distance commute:

Hi Hugo, thanks for speaking to us. How long have you been using the M6toll for?

Having always worked out of my company’s Birmingham office, about six years ago I became responsible for our Liverpool and Manchester branches, too. I found myself travelling to the North West a lot so I began using the M6toll then.

Why did you first decide to start using the M6toll?

The growing congestion on the M6 was becoming more evident each week. As I needed to make several trips a week, using the M6toll guaranteed me a consistent journey time, meaning that I wouldn’t be letting anyone down or holding up their plans.

How long have you been a TAG user for?

It has been around two years since I first fitted my TAG. I saw them  for sale at Roadchef Norton Canes.

What do you see as the key benefits of having a TAG?

My TAG comes in handy on every single journey. When pulling up to the plazas, I know exactly which lane is mine every time, so I can just drive straight through. My TAG is also set up to take payment from my business account, which means I don’t have to remember to claim my expenditures back. It’s handy to be able to see all my journeys and statements in one place when I log into my online account, and I can add up the savings I’ve made on each trip.

Can you think of an occasion when the M6toll has ‘saved the day’?

Yes! I was going to a really important meeting in Manchester to meet a client about a project worth in excess of £60million. The investors I was meeting had a flight to catch so I had to be on time, and the M6 was closed near Wednesbury.

I hopped on the M6toll where I was able to shoot straight up to Manchester and meet the client in time. If it hadn’t been for the M6toll, I wouldn’t have made the meeting or won the work!

Finally, what would you say is the best thing about the M6toll?

It’s consistently reliable, which takes all the stress out of my journey – I never have to worry about being late. The lack of congestion has always made the road feel safer too. The only thing I would complain about is that it’s not long enough!

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